"I highly recommend MYO2 Therapeutic Gel to other medical professionals and patients alike. I use it in my practice on a daily basis and find it particularly effective in the treatment of neck and shoulder pain. I find MYO2 a pleasure to use, with its energizing scent, fast absorption rate and rapid relieving effects."

Dr Rowan White (Master's Degree in Technology: Chiropractic)

The Chiropractic Clinic, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa




As a result of testing the product’s effectiveness in the general market we have received the following testimonials:


"I use this, wonderful results. Really works!"

Leon Meyer. South Africa


“I underwent a spinal fusion operation in 1995. Since then I have suffered from severe lower back pain especially at night. A friend suggested that I try MYO2 gel and to my delight I managed a full night’s sleep. Pain free! I would not hesitate to endorse the effectiveness of this wonderful product!’’
Joan O. South Africa


“As you know the orthopaedic surgeon has recommended a hip replacement op but not until the muscles around the joint have been strengthened. I have been to a physio and am exercising daily in the pool and at home. Progress is slow and painful but I am definitely improving. I have been using the cream MYO2 that you got from your clients on my aching hip/groin and it is definitely helping to ease the pain and therefore improve my mobility. I am walking much better and with less of a limp and am able to do my exercises more regularly because of it. I am really very pleased with it. If you are speaking to your clients please let them know I am a happy customer!”

Patient. Australia


“I use MYO2 not only for injuries but also for tired and sore muscles. It helps relieve pain and speeds up my recovery.”

Calvin F. 2010 & 2011 SA Judo Champion U/20yrs (90kg)


“Applying MYO2 onto my swollen and painful ankles, after a long-haul flight, brought me immediate pain relief. The swelling had completely resolved within 12 hours.”

Deborah H. United Kingdom


“I bought three tubes and it is the only product that actually works.”

Laura F. South Africa